0-4 Michigan Man Thinks Michigan’s Talent Is Better Than Ohio State’s Talent


Bless Khaleke Hudson’s heart. For a Michigan Man who has gone 0-4 against Ohio State it takes huge intestinal fortitude to say Michigan has better talent than Ohio State. Remember 2018 when Michigan was in shock after being blown out 62-39 when it could’ve been 82-39? Khaleke played in that game and was on the field again in November when Ohio State played its backups in the 4th quarter of a 56-27 blowout to give Khaleke an 0-4 college career against the Buckeyes.

It’s safe to say he’s still in shock after getting blown out again. That’s the only explanation for the quotes he dropped in response to a former Michigan videographer who was hired by Ohio State and says it’s just different in Columbus. Khaleke had something to say including, “I don’t know where they’re at, but I know we’re higher up.”

From Michigan Wire:

But what about talent? OSU boasts a lot of big-time playmakers and perennially has several high-round NFL Draft picks.

But Hudson not only feels like there’s no disparity, but that Michigan, as the cliche goes, has it better.

“I feel like our talent is better,” he said.

OMG Khaleke. I get that you have to defend your university against being pummeled year in and year out, but this is typical Michigan talk away from the field when the proof is in the pudding. Jim didn’t want to address that there’s a talent gap when he knows there’s a talent gap and now Khaleke’s out here saying Michigan’s talent is better than Ohio State’s.

It’s just getting sad at this point. You have multiple classes of Michigan Men who never beat Ohio State. They’ll get together years from now at reunions and reminisce about how they had all this talent yet never beat the Buckeyes. Sad.


Ohio State vs. Michigan since 2000

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