Sammy Draper Releases Her Christmas Card Collection

You guys know the rules around here this time of year: Instagram model Christmas cards get posted by those models who go above and beyond for the Internet. That means Eagles superfan Sammy Draper gets posted up. It’s been a couple months since I posted Sammy because I know most of you guys are already following her and you’ve been keeping up with the IG Story posts that have been fairly insane.

Now sitting at 347k followers, Sammy has gone about her IG business with precision. She’s been hammering away with the Eagles material as the playoff race has heated up and now it’s time to pivot to that critical Christmas season content that separates the pros from the joes on that social media platform. Every pro knows that you dump out that content a week out from a major holiday. She couldn’t wait until Friday because people will be out shopping, partying, getting hammered and the IG algorithm could send her Christmas card sinking into the IG abyss. Too risky!

You get that content out on hump day, let it simmer and then go nuts blasting out the IG Story content followup photos that you have ready to go. Keep in mind it’s Cowboys-Eagles this Sunday at 4:25. Sammy’s going to have a historic weekend. Now is the time to start following.


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