Ezekiel Elliott’s Dad Charged With Owning Illegal Serval Cat

Ezekiel Elliott’s Dad Charged With Owning Illegal Serval Cat / via Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office

Ezekiel Elliott’s father, Stacy Elliott, has been charged by an Ohio sheriff’s office with illegally owning a serval cat, an African wild cat, that was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in October after the cat attacked a dog. Turns out you need to have a permit to own a serval cat and Stacy didn’t have one.

From ABC-6:

Stacy Elliott, also known as El Muhammad has been charged with failure to notify dangerous wild animal (DWA) escape, falsification, obstruction of official business, allowing a dangerous wild animal to escape, failure to notify law enforcement of DWA escape, failure to have DWA signage at property entrance, possession of a DWA, failure to obtain DWA permit, and failure to have DWA signage on cage.

Investigation began after a Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed the exotic serval cat in October 2019. Neighbors say the serval cat attacked a small dog at a home on Laurelwood Drive.

Some of Stacy’s other pets throughout the years:

Here’s the report from back in October about the serval cat being on the loose:

Zeke Elliott father serval cat / via Fairfield County Sheriff’s office
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