Meet Whitley From ECU

There are breakout star alerts on Instagram and then there’s a breakout star alert for Whitley Watson of ECU. Sitting on 40k IG followers, Whitley has a great shot to one day leave ECU as the most followed graduate, surpassing the likes of ECU Kylie who left school with 90k or so followers back in May. Whitley is on a trajectory that just might make her a 250k Instagram star with way more firepower in the job market with her IG than her actual ECU diploma.

That’s right, ECU Whitley might be able to leave school with the ability to fall back on that ECU degree if things ever get tough in the influencer market. Whitley couldn’t have picked a better school along the eastern seaboard to become an Instagram star. It’s no secret that those who choose ECU over other schools pick ECU because of its party school history. The university historically ranks high in pretty much every party school ranking put out by magazines that are now defunct. It’s right there with Georgia Southern for a reason.

Whitley had a strong football season, but now comes the hard part — how to keep the content flowing during basketball season and then into Spring Break. That’s what separates the IG pretenders from the professionals. We’re about to see what Whitley can do with snow, ECU basketball and Valentine’s Day. Gotta make sure she’s locked and loaded for those all important IG holidays.

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