Meet Amanda Vance – Instagram Model & NFL Reporter


How do I know Instagram model Amanda Vance is on her way to big things on the social media platform? Gardner Minshew is a follower. It used to be if an Instagram model was followed by Mike Napoli followed, she was part of the in-crowd. Now Minshew Mania is the new Naps. Changing of the guard. So it wasn’t by coincidence a BC follower said I needed to post Amanda because she did a Christmas shoot only to see that Minshew is a follower. Of course he is.

Checking in with a very respectable 368k followers, Amanda is based in Miami — going to have a huge Super Bowl week — and goes to Florida Atlantic. What if I told you she also drinks Bud heavies? You’d propose on the spot, right? She also owns a sunglasses shop, seems to love football and did an interview with Duck Hodges back in late November. Rising star alert.

Did I mention Amanda was drinking what appears to be a coffee stout while interviewing Duck? Get her on Fox Sports RIGHT NOW!

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