Le’Veon Bell Was Definitely Wearing Orange Pants While Out Saturday Night


Le’Veon Bell was out & about Saturday while out of the Jets lineup with the flu / via @ya_boi_b3eats/IG

Le’Veon Bell is catching heat for being out and about Saturday at a bowling alley even though he was listed as inactive for the Jets home game against the Dolphins. The New York media, sensing a slight dose of hypocrisy, has gone into attack mode over what went down at the Boonton Lanes in New Jersey. Bell, in his orange pants, reportedly shut down the lanes at 1 a.m. Bell was definitely wearing orange pants because he was tagged by someone who ran into him at dinner wearing the orange pants.

From the NY Post:

The Jets running back, who missed Sunday’s win because of the flu, spent Saturday night at a New Jersey bowling alley, according to sources. One source also had photos that show Bell at his lane.

Bell missed practice Thursday and Friday and was ruled out of the game on Saturday because he was dealing with the flu.

Apparently he felt well enough to bowl a few frames Saturday, though. Sources said he was at Boonton Lanes, which is not far from where the Jets train in New Jersey, from around 10:30 p.m. to close to 1 a.m., when the bowling alley closed. Bell was easy to spot in orange leather pants.

It’s unclear where this young fan ran into Bell Saturday night, but he clearly looks under the weather and is just out trying to enjoy a quiet dinner and then some bowling. Look, he played hard for a horrible Jets team earlier this season. The least you guys can do is not bash him for missing a game against a team wanting to lose. The Jets won 22-21 and now sit at a respectable 5-8, already one win better than 2018.


Katy Perry Jingle Ball, Le’Veon Bell Misses Game But Goes Bowling & Booger Getting Crushed Again
Katy Perry Jingle Ball, Le’Veon Bell Misses Game But Goes Bowling & Booger Getting Crushed Again
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