Katy Perry Jingle Ball, Le’Veon Bell Misses Game But Goes Bowling & Booger Getting Crushed Again


If it’s Tuesday this time of year, you’re getting college basketball and tonight it’s Texas Tech-Louisville from New York for some reason. Don’t these kids have school? Finals? It’s Indiana-UConn after that from New York. Both games are on ESPN. I assume this is some sort of Jimmy V. thing. That’s about it. Time for me to catch up on Masked Singer with the kids.

Katy Perry’s Jingle Ball party dress gets Tuesday rolling

Cowboys d-lineman arrest video…bro, you have TOO MUCH weed

Oregon mom in trouble for hooking up w/underage kid she met on Snap, cops allege

Le’Veon Bell misses Jets game, feels good enough to go bowling

Booger getting crushed for this one last night…I left the guy alone…feel like my work here is done

Florida Man & Woman argue over impeachment, he gets a mugshot

NBC graphic shows Ohio being wiped out, possibly turned into an even bigger Lake Erie

Holly Sonders joins Vegas Dave in Cabo

Soldier Home For The Holidays Video of the Day


Sandwich of the Day


Bills Fan DID NOT Break His Neck — It’s A Miracle
Bills Fan DID NOT Break His Neck — It’s A Miracle
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