Bills Fan DID NOT Break His Neck — It’s A Miracle

Bills fan table smash ends up a fail / via Instagram

“Thank god I’m Canadian, my health care is free,” Bills fan Sam Vachon said on Instagram today after video of his table smash failure gained traction on the Internet and turned his neck into a conversation. That’s right, Sam DID NOT break his neck or die in one of the nastier Mafia table smash misses you’ll ever see.

Now Sam has to capitalize on his 15 minutes. Maybe have a t-shirt drawn up, sell it fast in case the Bills lose out and don’t make the playoffs. This is Sam’s time to make a few bucks off that bent neck. Mafia members will buy it. You put your neck on the line for the cause, the least people can do is pay $20 for a shirt so you can get that neck adjusted by an American chiropractor.

Sam Vachon didn’t die after this table smash miss / via Instagram Story

Bills fan’s neck did not break on this tailgate jump / via IG Story
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