Patrick Mahomes Mistreated By Patriots Fans, Had To Be Moved To Safe Space

Patrick Mahomes girlfriend Brittany Matthews & his brother, Jackson Mahomes, were treated very badly by Patriots fans Sunday at Foxboro, according to Matthews’ Twitter account of the verbal abuse they took from a feisty bunch of fans who aren’t used to losing. Things got so bad that Matthews and the younger Mahomes were moved to a safe space, according to Matthews, who has been dealing with bullies more and more as her profile rises. She says the trash talk started flying as soon as they sat down.

Emotions were definitely high Sunday at Foxboro where the locals booed the team off the field at halftime and Patriots fans fought each other after the game. An analysis of Matthews’ Instagram shows that her and Jackson appeared to be sitting in a handicap section with folding chairs by the end of the game. Looked like up at the top of the section where the ushers and sheriffs usually hang looking for punks trying to gain illegal access to the good seats.

Patriots Fans Are Melting Down As Dynasty Nears The End
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