Gronk Reveals Routine To Keep His Mind Sharp

Gronk says he puts puzzles together to keep his mind sharp in retirement / via CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning ran a feature story on Rob Gronkowski this weekend in which we saw a very different side of Gronk than we’ve become accustomed to seeing and pretty much guarantees us we’ve seen the last of Gronk playing football ever again. Gronk revealed to Reena Ninan that he’s been putting together puzzles in his spare time to sharpen his mind. That’s right PUZZLES. I knew he was into juicing & fitness competitions with his Gronk bros and the rest of the Gronk greatest hits, but the puzzles thing was new.

Gronk also mentioned in this piece that earlier this year, as his NFL career was ending, that his head was swollen and said it felt like he had liquid on his brain that felt like pushing in a jelly donut. I’m no expert, but this sure seems to signal it’s 110% all over. Watch the video and you tell me if that’s a guy who seems ready to have his head swell back up. It was a helluva run. The TV career seems to be taking off. He’ll never have trouble getting a brand to pay him, like Shaq. Just think of how long we’re going to see Gronk squeezing in electric cars down the road. He’ll have 20+ years of commercials where he’s stuck in an electric Hyundai.

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