‘Dallas Is Going Down Gary!’ Bills Fan Marc Miller IS BACK & Wants To Clear The Air

Bills fan Marc Miller is back in the spotlight

Bills fan Marc Miller is back in the spotlight / via YouTube

Remember the screaming ‘Dallas is going down Gary!’ Bills fan, Marc Miller, from way back in 1993 when he went on a wild rant for a local TV station that eventually ended up on The George Michael Sports Machine and eventually onto YouTube where Marc became a cult Buffalo icon? Of course you know the video I’m talking about and you probably think Marc was drunk like a majority of Bills fans. Turns out Marc was completely sober and he’s back all these years later to put some misconceptions to bed about who he is and that he’s not a drinker. He wasn’t drunk that night in 1993 and has never been a drinker.

During a recent interview with WBEN in Buffalo, Miller explained there have been a couple of instances lately that haven’t been cool to him, including one where a beer company put his likeness on a can to sell beer.

“They decided, without my permission, to put a likeness of me on that can of beer,” Miller said. “I was told they sold out of the beer and everything the day they did their introduction of that type of beer. I thought it was very distasteful. Number one, I don’t drink. Not that I’m against alcohol, it’s just never been in my life.”

He said he was told by that company they didn’t need to have his permission to use his likeness.

“Well I think you’re gonna have a problem with that one legally,” he said. “It’s just not cool to do that in my opinion. I would never take advantage of a client or person for monetary gain. I just wouldn’t do it. To me, it’s just a shame on you for doing that.”


Resurgence Brewery released Dallas Is Going Down Gary! Buffalo-Style IPA during Thanksgiving week and this seems to have triggered Miller into coming out of the dark of 1993 and starting a Twitter account to clear the air about who he is and what he stands for. His first tweet was November 29, the day after the Bills beat Dallas on Thanksgiving.

Dallas is going down Gary Buffalo style IPA from Resurgence Brewery

Dallas is going down Gary Buffalo style IPA from Resurgence Brewery / from Buffalo Niagra Brewers Association

This is one of those moments in sports history I wasn’t expecting — Bills fan resurrects his bit from 1993 & it turns out, besides the fanatical screaming, Marc Miller isn’t anything like what the Internet has built him up to be all these years as he was just going about life. He doesn’t Stone Cold beers & jump through tables. He doesn’t get drunk & turn tailgates into WWE events. Turns out Marc is just passionate and really wants the Bills to win — and does it sober.

Miller still watches Bills games to this day, but avoids going to New Era Field. He said the in-game atmosphere is fantastic but he’s turned off by all of the rowdiness associated with a Bills tailgate.

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