Tate Martell’s Girlfriend Kiki Passo Says She’s Encouraging Him To Play Football











Tate Martell’s girlfriend Kiki Passo sorta cleared the air Tuesday in regards to rumors flying that maybe she’s encouraging the Miami Hurricanes quarterback/wide receiver, who was a 5-star recruit out of high school, to miss football. “That couldn’t be further from the truth,” Kiki said on a Twitter thread. There were some very cryptic tweets posted by Tate Martell’s mom around Thanksgiving where Tafi claims Tate has stopped speaking to his family and there was another tweet where she took direct aim at Kiki. That Twitter account has since been deleted and Martell says he’s missing time from the Hurricanes due to personal issues. Other than this comment from Kiki, the two have been silent on what’s going on.

Here’s where Kiki addresses Tate missing football games at Miami:

It appears this is what Kiki is clearing up. Tate Martell’s mom claiming that Kiki wants Tate to get a job to support her:

Tate Martell’s mom claims Kiki Passo wants him to get a job to support her / via Twitter

The frustration level with Tate Martell is definitely starting to grow for Hurricane fans, including former players:

The Hurricanes are bowl eligible at a miraculous 6-6 and are projected by the big national pundits to play in the Independence Bowl on December 26. What remains to be seen is if Tate Martell ever dresses for another Hurricanes game or even returns to practice.

What’s Going On With Tate Martell’s Girlfriend Kiki Passo & His Mom On Twitter?
What’s Going On With Tate Martell’s Girlfriend Kiki Passo & His Mom On Twitter?
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