What’s Going On With Tate Martell’s Girlfriend Kiki Passo & His Mom On Twitter?

What’s going on with Tate Martell, his girlfriend Instagram star Kiki Passo and Tate Martell’s mom? There’s been some rumbling and rumors that there’s some sort of issue brewing and the sleuths at CanesInsight.com picked off some tweets from an account that is believed to be 100% belonging to Tate’s mother, Tafi, where mom wants to talk to her son who seems to suddenly be estranged from the family. There’s also a tweet that was posted early Thanksgiving morning where Tafi says Kiki Passo, a Dan Bilzerian Ignite model, “is a horrible person.” The Twitter account has since been deleted.

Martell’s Instagram spelled out a few things on November 30 where he said he’s not transferring, but he’s been on a leave of absence due to personal reasons. He did not play in the final regular season game against Duke.

What’s going on down there in Miami? Is the girlfriend a problem? Is Tate trying to transfer? Let me know:

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The Internet believes this is 100% Tate Martell’s mom on Twitter asking about her son before deleting her account / via Twitter/CanesInsight.com Is there a problem between Tate Martell’s mom and his girlfriend Kiki Passo? / via Twitter/CanesInsight.com

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