Apply For The UNLV Football Head Coaching Job On Indeed

UNLV football coach job is on Indeed / via

That’s right, fire off your resume on for the UNLV football head coaching position that’s currently on the site and ready to accept your resume. Dad can’t say you’re not trying to find a job if you’re firing off resumes. Here you go, show him what you’re up to and tell him to leave you alone during the holidays when you’re not working, mooching out of his fridge and sucking down his Busch heavies.

Before you say it, I’ll let you know this WAS NOT sent over from the Indeed marketing team. Pretty sure I came across it on r/CFB, one of the most vibrant, happy places on earth. Not a day goes by where those guys don’t warm my soul.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what UNLV is looking for in its new head coach:

This position exists to provide leadership, organization, technical expertise, training and development to the student-athletes with respect to producing a competitive (Division 1A) football program. This position is expected to adequately recruit, teach and instruct student-athletes in all areas of football.

This position will work in concert with the Director of Athletics, Athletic Administration, and the Sport Administrator to develop a strong, skilled team that will be competitive in the Mountain West Conference; will actively recruit the best student-athletes locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; will promote and foster academic success; will contribute to the overall development of the student-athlete by enhancing critical thinking, leadership skills and social integrity and will accomplish recognition as one of the top programs in the conference.

This position is required to fund-raise and assists Administration with marketing, advertising, community relations and corporate sales as within the scope of said position. This position should have a basic knowledge of NCAA rules as it pertains to assigned job duties and the scope of employment. In addition, this position will be responsible for obtaining proper guidance or approval from Athletic Compliance, prior to participating in select activities, as defined by NCAA bylaws or institutional policies.

THEY’RE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN PRODUCE A COMPETITIVE PROGRAM. Now let’s take a look at how things have been going lately. This is one of the biggest pile of garbage programs in college football. That’s probably why they’re advertising the position on Indeed (and I’m sure the state/national labor laws require it…blah…blah…blah). Take away the Las Vegas Bowl and the program has ONE bowl trip in the modern bowl era.

So fire off that resume, make your dad proud and go rescue this program. This Tony Sanchez guy was making $600k a year in 2017 so this isn’t a bad job if you want to hang around for 5-6 years, experience Vegas and then bolt.

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