Arkansas Razorbacks ‘Big Frank’ Stolen Smoker Has Been Found

Arkansas Razorbacks smoker ‘Big Frank’ was found by cops after going missing over the weekend / via Pulaski County Sheriff’s office

A beloved Arkansas Razorbacks smoker, ‘Big Frank’,  has been found and the pork cookin’ behemoth is safe from the bad people who clearly had bad intentions when they stole it from the smoker’s beloved owners Dena and Buddy Rhoads, who reported Big Frank missing Monday.  This isn’t just some random massive hog smoker. It’s a 20-feet-long, 14-feet-high cooker that once belonged to Little Rock philanthropist Jennings Osbourne and was used to cook before Razorbacks games. Osbourne died in 2011 and Buddy Rhoads won it at an estate auction.

The official missing pig cooker report from the Pulaski County (AR) Sheriff’s Office:

‪Pulaski County deputies are in the process of recovering “Big Frank”, the famous Razorback smoker that was stolen over the weekend. It was located off Pitts Road near Jennings Road. Little Rock Police will handle criminal investigation.

ABC-7 caught up with an emotional Rhoads family on Monday:

Dena said the cooker is normally kept in a gated area, but it was parked outside for repairs Sunday. They had “no idea” anyone would take it. “I mean, who’s going to steal Frank?” Dena said. “How are you going to drive down the road with it?”

Buddy said on Facebook that they’re looking to see if nearby Union Station has surveillance footage of the theft. A police report has been filed but the Rhoads are not interested in pressing charges.

“Just give us Frank back,” Dena said. “No questions asked.”

What a beautiful sight! Big Frank being rescued:

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