Ohio Man Updates Ohio State-Michigan Christmas Light Scoreboard

Ohio Man updates his Ohio State-Michigan scoreboard Christmas light display / via Twitter

Ohio Man Mark Miller updated his Ohio State-Michigan Christmas light scoreboard this weekend to reflect the 56-27 pounding Michigan took Saturday in Ann Arbor. Mark became social media famous in 2018 when he debuted his 62-39 Christmas light display in Tiffin, Ohio and here we are with yet another pounding proudly displayed for all his Michigan fan friends to see when they come over to visit during the holidays.

“Life is Good!!! GO BUCKS!!! #imonlyhereforquestionsnotinsults #osufootball #millertime #tradition,” Mark wrote on Facebook after completing his lighting ceremony. You know, I’m starting to feel the same way as Justin Fields. It Just Means More® for Ohio State than it does for Michigan.  At this point Michigan doesn’t know what it can do to change the tide and they’re starting to come to the realization that Mark’s going to be updating his scoreboard for years to come unless there’s a miracle victory or Jimmy figures out a new way to compete with the machine that is Ohio State. It’s wild to think where we were five years ago when Michigan fans figured Jim would deliver multiple victories in The Game and the program would compete for national titles. Now they’re demoralized and keep saying, “Who can we get that’s better than Harbaugh?” Sad. 

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