Claudianne Godbout, Canada’s Hottest CPA, Is Tearing Up Turks & Caicos This Weekend

Canada’s Hottest CPA, Claudianne Godbout, made a major announcement today — she’s vacationing in Turks & Caicos and that should be all the warning you need that she’ll be tearing up the British territory. You’ve been warned, fellas. This means that you’ll want to get locked & loaded with the Instagram Story and be ready for fresh piles of content while you’re watching OSU-Michigan.

You guys might remember that Claudianne dropped a fresh dump of Turks on us earlier this year and this seems to be a chance to reload the content well while most of the U.S. suffers through clouds and horrible temps, especially in New Jersey where she’s been doing the CPA game and catching NHL games.

Just wanted to get this on your radar now because I’ll be at OSU-UM and I don’t want you guys bitching and moaning that I didn’t pump out content this weekend. Here I am at 11 ET Friday night working after a day of traveling to Dayton for a family Thanksgiving. No days off. The content never sleeps.

Claudianne Godbout is tearing up Turks & Caicos this weekend / via Instagram Story

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