Meet Danielle Wolf – Ohio State Tennis Player

I’m fairly confident when I see someone I think is going to have a career in broadcasting if he/she wants it. Enter Danielle Wolf from the Ohio State tennis team, a three-time Ohio State Scholar-Athlete and two-time Academic All-Big Ten selection. She’s a strategic communications major, comes from a huge sports family out of Cincinnati and has a brother, J.J. Wolf, ranked 190th in the world, an uncle who calls college basketball games on CBS Sports Network and a long line of athletes. I’m telling you guys, give Danielle a year of training, throw her on Tennis Channel, let her be the face of a new generation of tennis on television and then mix in some offseason basketball work. I’m telling you right now, sports genes like the Wolf family don’t come around very often.

Her dad played basketball and professional tennis, mom was a tennis player, the brother has begun his professional career and it gets deeper than that. How about Grandpa Wolf? He only coached the Cincinnati Royals and Detroit Pistons back in the day. I’ve seen some of Danielle’s IGs that show a cousin playing football at Wisconsin. I lost track of all the Wolfs that are athletes. It’s in the blood, as this 2003 story details the rise of the Wolf family in Cincinnati sports.

Danielle will soon be leaving Ohio State and will have to put that strategic comm. degree to work. I’m thinking Tennis Channel, CBS SN ‘On The Road’ features and then NBA TV work. I expect to see Danielle working in some capacity on TV at Wimbledon by 2023. Now she just has to beat her brother to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

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