Good Luck Not Shedding A Tear During Jim Kelly’s Thanksgiving Message

Jim Kelly Thanksgiving video / via Twitter

Ever wondered why Jim Kelly is a god in Buffalo even though there were those four Super Bowl losses and his career ended in 1996? Watch this video and then imagine not having a soft spot for the guy even if you didn’t grow up a Bills fan or in Buffalo. I was diagnosed with cancer around the same time as Jim. And I would see him struggling on Instagram. But then he kept getting better and better and then there would be a setback and I thought he was in big trouble.

But Jim would get better and his family would release updates on his health and he just kept rolling along. Now he’s out here making videos like this and hunting and keeping food banks filled up. Jim’s even been to Pig Island this year taking care of those hogs. I know we have a few BC readers out there struggling this holiday season. All we can do is try to keep you guys going with a laugh or some little dumb tweet that might take your mind off the circumstances you’re in. We all made it another year and hopefully we all keep it going a little bit longer.

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Patriots Cheating Or Is This Nothing?
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