Patriots Cheating Or Is This Nothing?

Watch the first down marker move during Cowboys-Patriots game / via YouTube

The Patriots cheated again? That’s the claim from one YouTuber who thinks he/she has caught the Patriots red-handed in this video from the Cowboys-Patriots game where the first down marker moves from first down to second down. I know, it’s one of those videos that shouldn’t get traction, but it’s November and Myles Garrett’s helmet smash storyline has run out of steam so it’s time to go back to trying to sink the Patriots. Take a look at the video and see what you think.

From the NY Post:

But, as Yahoo! Sports points out, the issue seems to be with the initial ball placement being put at the 15-yard-line, instead of the 14, after a roughing the passer penalty came on the same play as a Michael Gallup catch.

The play-by-play had Gallup being tackled at the 29, which should have brought the ball up to the 14 after the 15-yard penalty. The drive ended with the Cowboys kicking a field goal on fourth-and-5.

Now this is exactly the kind of investigation I’m used to seeing out of Browns or Lions fans. I would say Lions fans specialize in this stuff, but at this point they’ve given up on the season and just want another season to end as fast as possible. This one is beneath Lions fans. They’re way better than this and even they know this is nothing.

People think they’ve caught the Patriots cheating / via YouTube
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