Shotgun Willie’s In Denver Is Celebrating Thanksgiving With Mashed Potato Wrestling

Shotgun Willies mashed potato wrestling event / via Instagram

BC superfan Wyn in Denver tipped me off this morning to a gentleman’s club, Shotgun Willie’s, celebrating the Biggest Bar Night of the Year with what appears to be an annual tradition for Willie’s — mashed potato wrestling. This is the level of absurdity I love to see out of gentleman’s clubs, especially on a night where people are looking to get REAL LOOSE before having to sit down and eat a meal with family they can’t stand.

Sounds like Shotgun Willie’s will provide you guys with the perfect entertainment to get wasted, forget family member names and you just might get so drunk you’re too hungover to catch a meal with family. This could all work out for you in the end and besides, when is the last time you saw mashed potato wrestling? Uh, like never.

Let’s go to the tape from last year’s mashed potato wrestling at Shotgun Willie’s:

And if you’re looking for a place to grab a Thanksgiving meal and avoid your family, Shotgun Willie’s is open at 7 Thanksgiving night. I assume they’ll have some leftover mashed potatoes to eat.

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