Poker Player Sent To Prison For Biting Off Opponent’s Ear

British poker player bites off part of opponent’s ear, yells I’m Chucky – allegedly / via

A poker player, Kalem ‘Chucky’ Lodge, now infamous for biting off an opponent’s ear during a fight has been sent to prison in northern England for his vicious attack in 2018. A pub poker night got nuts when Chucky and his opponent went outside to have a smoke and that’s when it hit the fan and Chucky was gnawing off John Archer’s ear.

From TeessideLive:

Mr Archer came over and said: “You all right chaps? He’s not taking the p***, is he?”

Lodge, who had been drinking pints and shots, said: “You want a fight?” Mr Archer said no, he was merely making sure the other man was all right, but Lodge attacked him, punching him to the head.

The victim said: “What are you doing that for? Why did you hit me?” Lodge replied: “You think you’re a big man. I’ll fight you.” The men went to the floor and Lodge sunk his teeth into Mr Archer’s ear, taking a “sizeable chunk” out of it. Lodge shouted “I’m Chucky, I’m Chucky” and punched and kicked Mr Archer on the ground before the men got to their feet.

The ear was put on ice at the pub, but it wasn’t able to be saved and Archer will have permanent issues. If you thought that was the end of things for Chucky, you’d be wrong. Chucky was involved in a machete case back in September, but that situation ended when someone put a handgun to his head.

Look, maybe jail is the best place for Chucky at this time for his own safety. He’s going to bite off the wrong ear or pull a machete on the wrong guy and it’s going to cost him his life. Chucky needs to go into the pen, play some poker, clear his head and come out a new man who won’t bite your ear off if you river him.

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