Boston Bruins Lady Flips TF Out On Guy Who Got Something On Her Coat & Hair

Bruins lady screams at guy who got someone on her coat and in her hair / via Instagram

The Boston Bruins were at home last night against the Minnesota Wild and the big highlight of the night has to be what went down in the upper deck where a Bruins lady went TF OFF on some guy she claims got something on her coat and in her hair. The guy’s just trying to eat what appears to be chicken fingers and fries and Bruins Lady comes up and starts demanding he stand & give her an apology. Meanwhile, Calm Guy apologizes and seems to want to move on and not get into a confrontation.

Nick, the guy who recorded it, adds some context. It might’ve been mustard on the coat:

Details on Bruins lady going off on guy / via IG

Nick adds that Bruins Lady was escorted out by security.

Looks like Calm Guy worked hard all week, just wants to enjoy his food and not have a lady going ballistic in his face. Does this look like a guy to you who meant to get something on her coat? No. This is a guy who just wants to watch hockey. No way this is the worst thing she’s ever had on her coat and in her hair.

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Boston Fans (via @nickcull)

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