Florida Woman Arrested – Again – For Stealing Watches From Guys She ‘Meets’

Florida Woman allegedly stole watches from guys she took back to their hotel rooms / via Miami Beach Police

25-year-old Katelin Wojtowicz had quite a business going where she went back to hotel rooms with guys she met and waited for them to fall asleep and then ripped off their watches, according to police. One minute you think you’re about to pound one out to Katelin, the next minute you’re so wasted you pass out and Katelin is (allegedly) stealing your high-end watch.

From WSVN:

Miami Beach Police arrested 25-year-old Katelin Wojtowicz on Tuesday. She is accused of stealing more than $139,000 in watches, cash and other items.

“A dangerous woman,” Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez said. “She’s out there targeting men with these high-end watches.”

According to police, the first victim was at Club Mokai in May 2018 when he met Wojtowicz. The evening ended with a few drinks back at his room at the Fontainebleau Hotel. “The victim states shortly after he fell asleep and had no further recollection of the night,” police wrote in the arrest report.

You know what else is real dangerous about this chick? I can’t seem to find a social media trail for her. That’s unusual for these (alleged) thieves and scammers. Normally they have at least one old account they failed to delete and the cops use it for evidence. But Katelin seems to have covered her tracks in that aspect.

According to the NY Post, this wasn’t Katelin’s first foray into this world of ripping off men. Back in 2017 it sounds like she was working as a hooker and doing some wristwatch looting while on the job. Lesson here for the guys out there: If some blond chick approaches you at a bar and admires your watch, DO NOT LET THAT WOMAN NEAR YOUR HOTEL ROOM. YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET RIPPED OFF. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU.

Here’s Katelin’s mugshot from that arrest:

Katelin Wojtowicz mugshot 2018/ via Broward County Sheriff’s Office

And here’s a Katelin mugshot from earlier this year. Not sure what this case was all about:

Katelin Wojtowicz mugshot 2019 mugshot / via Florida Arrests.org
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