Meet Taylor – Bengals Electrical Tape Model

I’ve said it time after time, find a niche on Instagram and then hammer away at it. Enter Bengals fan Taylor and her Bengals-themed electrical tape shoot that she’s been promoting throughout the team’s horrible season. That’s how I know Taylor is one of those Bengals fans who will never give up on this franchise when the franchise gives her every reason to give up and move on to a new team. Taylor is exactly the kind of fan that Mike Brown has depended on to make him a billionaire (on paper) NFL owner who just keeps sucking the life out of the franchise one day at a time.

But there was Taylor today on Instagram wearing her electrical tape stripes hoping for some entertainment off the field because she knows the on-field performance is going to be a typical Bengals disaster as the team marches towards 0-16.

From Taytay:

The Bengals might not have 1 win this season but the Bengals Vs. Steelers home game is always one of the best tailgates. How many fights will I watch today? #EntertainMe

All Taylor, a nurse, can hope for at this point is for Mike to give up control to the family and the family is so utterly embarrassed by how the franchise is run that they bring in actual football people to make it better. We all know Mike won’t do it and Taylor will have to keep dealing with the torture that is being a Bengals fan.

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