Meet Melisa Ates – Washington State Tennis Player

Our journey through college tennis to find athletes who can’t cash in on their IG likeness – yet – because of the NCAA gangsters rolls down the road to Washington State where Melisa Ates, from Antalya, Turkey, is finishing up her senior season and soon won’t have gangsters watching her social media moves.

Checking in with just under 2,800 followers, Ates should be able to be a star back home in Turkey. She’s just been out in Pullman, Washington sorta in obscurity during her college career, but there have to be some tennis influencing gigs out there from the Turkish companies. It helps that Ates is also a pretty good tennis player. She finished the 2018-19 season with a 21-5 singles record and 17-12 in doubles. Entering her senior season, Ates had a .726 winning percentage. Compared to some of the other tennis IG influencers I’ve come across lately, Ates is a first-teamer.

Now it’s time for Ates to finish up strong, gain as many Instagram followers as possible, maybe sign a marketing deal with Turkish Airlines after her season ends and leave school to turn pro at Instagram.


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