Bears Fans Fight Each Other Today At Soldier Field

Bears fans fight each other during game against the Giants / via Twitter

Bears fans kicked off Thanksgiving Week today at Soldier Field with an old fashioned Bears on Bears fan fight like you used to see all over the NFL, but this season things have been fairly quiet compared to years in the past. What caused it all? No idea, but I’d assume it has something to do with a team sitting at 5-6, with a fairly incompetent quarterback at the helm and people trying to figure out why the Bears can’t be as good as they were last season.

The good news is that they’re now on a one-game winning streak and go to Detroit on Thanksgiving Day to face a team that’s trash, just lost to the Redskins and just wants the season to end. Maybe an old fashioned fight is exactly what Bears fans needed to get this team and franchise wound up heading into December. The problem is that the schedule is ridiculous down the stretch and Mitchell Trubisky is the quarterback.

Get it on, fellas!

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