Inter Milan’s Antonio Conte Has Sex Advice For His Players

Antonio Conte from Inter Milan has sex advice for his players / via Instagram

Inter Milan manager or coach. or whatever soccer people call the guy in charge of the team these days, Antonio Conte has some thoughts on how his players should be handling their sex lives and this sure is making some headlines over in Europe where, as it does here, sex sells and turns into pageviews so let’s get right into it, shall we?

“During competition, it [sex] should not last long. Also, it should be done with the least effort possible, so underneath the partner. Preferably with their wife as then there is no obligation to put in an exceptional performance,” Conte advised his players.

Look, it’s not new for coaches to preach abstinence to their players. Remember how Danny Amendola’s then girlfriend Olivia Culpo told the world that he didn’t abstain from her before games. Cal State San Marcos looked into whether sex effects muscle force the day after doing the deed and couldn’t find a change in muscle performance.

It turned out that whether men did or didn’t have sex the night before (defined specifically as intercourse with orgasm) had no impact on either the average or maximum torque achieved. Self-reported levels of physical and mental fatigue didn’t differ across sessions, either. In other words, sex didn’t make men act—or feel—any weaker.

Even with scientific evidence that supports banging the day before an athletic performance because it doesn’t change athletic achievement, you still have the boxing coaches out there that want their warriors raging when they enter the ring and believe that sex drains their meal tickets. Mike Tyson was a ‘no sex’ guy before fights.

That’s probably why Conte has modified his beliefs here a little bit from the old days. Conte’s saying get a bang sesh in, but use the least force possible and knows that if one of his Inter Milan guys has a side piece over it’s going to be an all-nighter and leave his guy worn out. Inter Milan is currently 10-1-1 so things should be fine for his squad this season, bang or no bang.

No idea what he’s saying here. Just seems fired up and I like it:

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