Baseball Ump Is Fed Up With Parents Badgering Him

Watch this baseball umpire quit in the middle of a game after parents keep badgering him / via Twitter

Welcome to the Newport Harbor (CA) baseball field where an umpire quit in the middle of a game after parents wouldn’t stop badgering him and he snapped after a woman attacked his height. “Stay professional for the kids and do your job,” one guy says on the video. And then a mom adds, “You mad because the kids are taller than you?”

That was it, the ump quit on the spot. Done. Walked off. I’m still trying to work on some details here and figure out if the ump had been battling it out with these people before this incident. At least a couple locals think this was a 13U or 14U game – see below. Was there tension from a previous game? Context, context, context. Let me know if you have more details. Were you the mom ripping on the ump’s height? Let me know.

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I’m pretty sure GBG stands for Garciaparra Baseball Group:

Here I thought California people were chill, especially that close to the beach:

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