Emmitt Smith Explains How He Watches Football These Days…From The Couch & More From Marriott Bonvoy Masterclass

Emmitt Smith sits down to talk about how he watches football these days

At this point I’m starting to worry that Marriott Bonvoy won’t invite me back to the fantasy camp events they have been running for cardholders who spend points on experiences like traveling to Santa Clara to the 49ers training facility to take part in a Combine where participants tested their kicking, passing, speed and jumping abilities in front of Emmitt Smith and 49ers veterans Steve Bono, Eric Wright and Joe Nedney. This was my second Bonvoy trip over the last year and I’m now two-for-two winning the kicking competitions. My concern is that Bonvoy is going to blacklist me after this trip. Even at this advanced age, my kicking leg is still strong from long range and this time it was Nedney getting to see the rocket leg.

In 2018 I was on the turf at Mercedes-Benz Stadium with Jerry Rice watching me kick field goals. It was an out-of-body experience considering the fact that I had never kicked a field goal in front of a Hall of Famer or a field goal at all. Never kicked in a high school game. Never kicked in a college flag football game. Nothing. And I stopped playing competitive soccer at like 14. Hopefully this blog lives long enough for my kids to find it one day so they don’t think all I did is sit at a computer and hammer out blog posts.

Dad really did hammer an old school extra point and a 33-yarder in front of Nedney who played in 176 NFL games from 1996-2010. And dad really did crush one from 40 yards that was just off target, but it would’ve been good from 45 yards. Joe says so.

The beauty of the Bonvoy Combine Masterclass is that it allows us regular folks to step into a fantasyland where you’re being coached up while Emmitt Smith is walking around joking with participants in one of the loosest environments you’re ever going to find. If you don’t feel comfortable running the 40, don’t run it. I didn’t. I learned my lesson at an event a different event a couple years ago where I got about 25 yards in and my hamstring was done.

When I say these are great events to attend, I’m not just saying that because Marriott will be reading this post. These are the experiences you’ll be bragging about to your buddies for the rest of your lives. I got back to my hotel, an AC Hotel by Marriott, and just sat there for an hour or so soaking it all in. If there’s a next time, I’m going to see if my father can come along. It is 100% one of those times when you should either experience it with your father or a great friend, someone you’ll talk about this with forever.

Emmitt Smith tells me how he’s taking care of his body these days by enjoying NFL Sundays on the couch and not running 40s:

Highlights from the Emmitt Smith Marriott Bonvoy Masterclass:

• Quality of Masterclass coaches — nothing against my Atlanta trip where DJ Shockley was in charge of passing, but this trip was pretty great from the coaching perspective. Steve Bono is 57 & walks around like he should be in movies. The guy is a machine. Eric Wright ran the 40 & vertical station like he was sending participants into NFL training camps. Very precise. The guy is 60 and seems like he’s 40. It’s incredible. The guy has four Super Bowl rings and comes off like he’d play right now for a chance at No. 5. And Nedney is Nedney. He’s seen some kicks before.

Emmitt Smith before the Bonvoy Masterclass with Sourdough Sam

• Emmitt Smith is Emmitt Smith. Smiling. Joking. Full of one liners. Very easy going. It’s easy to forget you’re standing next to the guy who holds the NFL’s all-time rushing yards title and it just might not be broken in any of our lifetimes with how the NFL has changed. It’s rare for me to stand next to anyone who played in the NFL and be as tall or taller than the guy. Emmitt really is 5’9″.

• Marriott Bonvoy members, who are allowed to bring a guest, were outfitted with 49ers long-sleeve polyester workout shirts, 49ers hoodies and 49ers beanies. It’s a 49ers facility. You’re not wearing Cowboys gear.

• Members were gifted with an Emmitt autographed Cowboys mini helmet and a 49ers mini helmet autographed by Nedney & Bono; Eric Wright scooted out without inking the helmets on accident. He was probably going to time some high school 40s. That’s not a dig, the guy comes off as super focused. I love it. Marriott Bonvoy members were also gifted with the NFL 100 ‘A Century of Pro Football’ book, the hardback bible for the first 100 years of the league.

• Daryl ‘Moose’ Johnston just happened to be at the 49ers facility to prep for Sunday’s broadcast on Fox. It was cool seeing him run into Emmitt on the practice field. Those guys went through a few things in life. Not sure if you remember.

Emmitt Smith at 49ers Training Facility Masterclass – 1 Emmitt Smith at 49ers Training Facility Masterclass – 2

Photos from the Marriott Bonvoy Masterclass:

Joe Nedney explaining the finer points of kicking to Marriott Masterclass participants

Joe Nedney explaining the finer points of kicking to Marriott Masterclass participants

Steve Bono teaching how the football should come off the hand

Steve Bono teaching how the football should come off the hand

Marriott Masterclass participants getting a stretch in so they don't blow out a hamstring

Marriott Masterclass participants getting a stretch in so they don’t blow out a hamstring

Eric Wright working the 40-yard-dash station:

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