Browns Fan Already Had A Bloody Steelers Helmet Tattoo Before Myles Garrett Helmet Smash

Browns fan bloody Steelers helmet tattoo / via Twitter

You probably had no idea there was already a Browns fan out there, Jacob Brislen, who had a tattoo of a Browns elf holding a Steelers helmet dripping blood and he had it well before Myles Garrett ripped off Mason Rudolph’s helmet and smashed it over his naked head during Thursday Night Football.

That bloody Steelers helmet tattoo is four years old, cost $150 and is now just a Myles Garrett addition away from being one of those commemorative tattoos that turns a normal Browns fan into a cult hero. I’m told that Jacob is considering the Myles Garrett addition to really make this piece pop.

Speaking of Browns fan tattoos, remember the guy who got the Browns Super Bowl LIV Champs tattoo? That one is in deep trouble after losing Garrett for the rest of the season.

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