Kentucky Man Helps Daughter Murder Her Boyfriend, Then They Go Get Married

West Virginia Man confesses to murdering his daughter’s boyfriend & then marrying his daughter / via West Virginia State Police

What happens when a Kentucky father helps his daughter kill off her boyfriend? Of course the West Virginia dad bangs his daughter and runs off to Virginia to marry his own biological daughter. That’s exactly what state investigators say happened after Larry McClure murdered off John McGuire for his daughter Amanda. And the method of death is one you don’t see very often. Police say McGuire was hit in the head with a wine bottle, injected with meth and then strangled.

That’s where things just start to get weird. Then Larry and Amanda decided there was only one way to show their father-daughter love and that was by going to get married. I mean, this is the only logical decision these two made the whole time this was going on. Of course you go get married because why not?

From the Bluefield Daily Telegraph:

Court documents recently obtained by the Daily Telegraph reveal an incestuous relationship between Larry McClure and his daughter Amanda.

In a criminal complaint filed by Trooper Saddler, he writes that Larry McClure, Amanda Naylor McClure and Anna Choudhary did commit “the willful, deliberate and premeditated homicide of Larry McClure.”

Saddler also states the three did “willfully conceal the remains of Mr. McGuire in a shallow grave at Larry McClure’s residence located at 11715 Skygusty Highway located in the Skygusty area of McDowell County.”

A final paragraph in the criminal complaint also reveals a sordid relationship between Larry and Amanda McClure.

“Larry McClure and Amanda McClure are biological father and daughter,” Saddler stated in the complaint. “Larry McClure and Amanda McClure did engage in sexual intercourse at the aforementioned address.”

Now Larry has written a confession letter to the state and doesn’t want to waste time on a trial. He says he’s in bad health and will be dying soon anyway. He doesn’t want to waste time sitting in a court room. As for Amanda, she has some trouble coming her way. Police say she has a huge part in this murder.

As for this Choudhary woman, it’s unclear why she was involved. Maybe she was trying to get with Larry too? No idea. You’d think Anna would just let these two lovebirds do what they had to do and she’s just go and mind her own business. Now she’s caught up in the penal system.

Daughter murders boyfriend in West Virginia and then marries her father / via West Virginia State Police
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