Meet Maria Del Mar – Dan Bilzerian Ignite Model

I saw Dan Bilzerian with Bob Menery, Vegas Dave and one other social media titan (can’t remember who it was) at Wednesday’s Lakers game sitting in the front row and it reminded me that I haven’t been keeping up with posting Bilzerian’s Ignite models. You guys go nuts over those posts so there’s no better way to go into the weekend than to give you guys another Instagram model you’ll never been in a dark room with and wouldn’t be able to get out five words if you were face-to-face with her.

Enter Maria Del Mar, an Argentinian model who is a 5-tool Instagramer. You get the travel photos. You get the glamor. You get the bikinis. You get the Bilzerian content. That’s how you rack up 261k followers and travel to all the hot spot content locations that validate models as legitimate Instagram stars. According to Famous Birthdays, Maria is closing in on her 28th birthday which seems like the perfect age for the IG game. You’re not some rookie, but you’re not too old to where it looks like you should hang it up. 2020 sets up to be a huge year for Maria. Do some more Ignite work. Maybe a watch deal. Not sure where you go from there.

One thing I have to suggest for Maria is some sports content. Maybe a soccer jersey. Maybe an Argentinian flag half-shirt. Something. The Summer Olympics are coming in 2020 and now is the time to start thinking about content that will make her the face of a nation for two weeks in July and August.

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