PBR 99-Packs Sell Out In Less Than 24 Hours At Minnesota Liquor Store

PBR 99-packs sold out at MGM Wine & Spirits in less than 24 hours / via Facebook

Pabst Blue Ribbon has people losing their mind over a 99-pack of PBR they’re selling in limited quantities at undisclosed locations across the United States. One location, MGM Wine & Spirits, posted on Facebook that they had a supply and that supply was gone less than 24 hours later and the post has been shared 68k times. All it took was what looks like a 7-foot box of PBR to create a viral sensation.

PBR isn’t promoting the 99-packs across social so it appears they’re just sending out these hogs and letting the content create itself, which isn’t the worst idea ever. Let people freak out, post photos and the boxes will take it from there. That said, I can’t sit here and figure out where else you can buy these PBR 99-packs. Call your local liquor store.  

From 13ABC:

Limited edition Pabst Blue Ribbon packs containing 99 cans for $59.99 were available at the MGM Wine and Spirits in Mankato, Minnesota on Tuesday.

The store completely sold out of the seven-foot long packs, less than 24 hours after advertising the deal on their Facebook page.

Some customers came as far away as Blaine, Minnesota, to get their hands on one of the limited edition packs.

By 11:15 a.m., the last one was carried out of the store.

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