Bowling Green, Ohio Woman Got Drunk, Passed Out In Random House, Puked On The Floor & On Herself & Was Arrested

Sarah Girten, 23, of Bowling Green, Ohio had herself a night Tuesday/Wednesday morning when she somehow made her way into a house where she doesn’t live and managed to puke on the floor, get half-naked and go to sleep on a couch before cops came and hauled her away only to have Sarah bash her head into the police cruiser plastic partition. I’m telling you, those weeknights in BG can be wild, but this is pretty off the charts for this time of year in that party town.

From the BG News:

According to the Bowling Green Police Division report, a homeowner in the 400 block of Wallace Avenue called police at 2:10 a.m. to report an intoxicated female on his couch.

Sarah Girten, 23, was arrested for burglary-trespass in a habitation, criminal mischief and failure to disclose personal information.

When police arrive, the caller pointed to his living room couch, where Girten was lying with a blanket pulled up to her chin. Her eyes were open yet she didn’t immediate answer the officer’s question of what she was doing in the home.

I’m still awaiting a mugshot because the newspaper didn’t have one and the local sheriff’s office isn’t showing Sarah in their system where I would normally get a photo for you guys.

Officers observed vomit on her pants, the blanket, the couch, the floor and some of her clothes – including a T-shirt — on a nearby table.

Look, you didn’t go through college if you didn’t have a night like this on your resume. It’s all a matter of how you stay out of jail in these situations. The big difference now compared to when I was doing dumb shitt is that now these people will just shoot you. In a town like BG there are people just waiting to cap an intruder just looking to vomit and pass out. The good news is that Sarah will just have a Google Search result. Employers are going to find it, but it’s not a place she wants to work anyway if they can’t overlook a (possibly) drunken night from the college years.

The good news for Sarah is that she didn’t have a long ride to the police station:

The homeowner describes how he woke up when Sarah came into his house:

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