Costco $75 Coupon Is A Scam

Costco $75 coupon is a scam / via Facebook where people can’t tell a good scam when they see one

Yes, the $75 Costco coupon is a scam and you aren’t getting $75 to celebrate Costco’s 50th anniversary and if you’re sharing it on Facebook you deserve to have all your data mined, sold, hacked, etc. You deserve to have your Amazon Echo stealing your brain cells. You deserve to have Ring selling your information. You deserve to have Google data mining your health numbers. You deserve to have your Apple Watch listening to every word you speak and then have ads pop up on Facebook because you were talking about your tooth hurting.

Folks, has your brain been hacked to the level where you think Costco is going to give you $75 just for sharing some coupon on Facebook? Yes, your brain is dead. Haven’t you learned anything from telling your parents and grandparents to not answer their phone unless it’s a family member calling? No you haven’t learned.

Costco, which IS NOT VERIFIED on Facebook for some reason, went as far as to tell people to not fall for the dumb scam. They’re not giving you $75. Pass the word to your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, great-aunt, etc. Not happening. IT’S A SCAM AND, NO, IT’S NOT WORTH A SHOT, YOU IDIOT.

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