Ohio Man Arrested For Naked Jog After Getting In Car Wreck

Ohio Man Antwaun Brown went for a naked jog after getting in a car wreck in Toledo / via Toledo Police

Ohio Man Antwaun Brown is in trouble for a naked jog after fleeing a car wreck and his streaking incident was caught on tape by a couple that was driving through a Starbucks parking lot while Antwaun was running naked into a used car lot on his way back to his apartment, according to police who caught up with him.

From WTOL:

Toledo Police say 22-year-old Antwaun Brown was at fault of the accident and got out of the car and started running while completely naked.

Police say Brown ran along south Reynolds and through the Airport Highway intersection toward his apartment on Brownstone Boulevard.

An officer later saw Brown running along Brownstone Boulevard and began to pursue him. Shortly after, Brown was arrested outside his apartment.


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