Don Cherry Has Been Fired, According To Report

Don Cherry has reportedly been fired for this rant on Hockey Night In Canada / via Twitter

Don Cherry has been fired from his job on Hockey Night in Canada, according to a tweet from Ken Campbell of The Hockey News, and it the firing seemed to be a direct result of comments Cherry made about immigrants not wearing or buying remembrance poppies for Canada’s version of Veterans Day.

From Wiki:

In Canada, the poppy is the official symbol of remembrance worn during the two weeks before 11 November, having been adopted in 1921. The Royal Canadian Legion, which has trademarked the image,[10] suggests that poppies be worn on the left lapel, or as near the heart as possible.[11]

Until 1996, poppies were made by disabled veterans in Canada, but they have since been made by a private contractor.[12] The Canadian poppies consist of two pieces of molded plastic covered with flocking with a pin to fasten them to clothing. At first the poppies were made with a black centre. From 1980 to 2002, the centres were changed to green. Current designs are black only; this change caused confusion and controversy to those unfamiliar with the original design.[13] In 2007, sticker versions of the poppy were made for children, the elderly, and healthcare and food industry workers.[14] Canada also issues a cast metal “Canada Remembers” pin featuring a gold maple leaf and two poppies, one representing the fallen and the other representing those who remained on the home front.[15]

Ken Campbell has since deleted his original tweet stating that “A source within the CBC newsroom is saying Don Cherry has been fired.”

Here is what Don Cherry, 85, said that sent Canadians into an uproar and has apparently led to his firing:

Ron McLean apologizing for Don Cherry’s comments on Hockey Night In Canada:

The NHL apologized for Don Cherry’s comments:

SportsNet apologized for Don Cherry’s comments:

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