Texas Man Murders Mom’s Dog For Not Being Allowed To Have Sex In His Bedroom

Texas Man throws his mom’s dog after she said he couldn’t have a woman over to have sex, the dog died / Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Pray for Roxy, the little dog that was murdered October 24 when James Garcia got mad at his mom for not letting him have a woman over to have sex with the woman. James (allegedly) launched Roxy in a fit of rage and murdered the dog. Mom took the dog to the vet where it was pronounced dead. I usually make fun of the thoughts and prayers brigade but not here. You know little Roxy was just minding her business when James went TF off.

From the San Antonio Express News:

James Garcia, 39, was arrested Saturday on charges of cruelty to animals after police said he threw his mother’s dog.

On Oct. 24, Garcia got into a fight with his mother after she said he couldn’t have a woman over to have sex in his bedroom, court affidavits said. Garcia had been living with his mother on and off for the past four years.

During the argument, Garcia allegedly picked up Roxy, the small dog, who was laying on the sofa nearby and threw her nearly 20 feet into the kitchen, where she hit the hard floor, affidavits continued.

I’m not sure why James was just now arrested for murdering little Roxy. You know how the penal system works. Sometimes there are investigations that take time to develop. What’s clear here is that James needs to pay the price for taking Roxy’s life and living at home with mom at 39. In fact, he should be kicked out and told to go have sex at the Days Inn.

Sorry, no pics of Roxy. You have any idea how hard it is to track down a ‘James Garcia’ in San Antonio. It’s like finding a Thomas Jones in Kansas City. Good luck.


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