Ohio Woman’s 3-Month-Old Daughter Had .359% BAC Level

Ohio Woman's daughter had .359% BAC level

Ohio Woman’s daughter had .359% BAC level / via Summit County Jail

Ohio Woman Davonna Reed is in some serious trouble after her daughter fell ill due to a …. .359% BAC level that left her … 3-month-old daughter in the hospital and Davonna dealing with the police who had some serious questions about Ms. Reed’s parenting abilities. Let’s not forget that the infamous Vodka Sam checked in at .341 and Maryland Savannah had a miraculous .371 back in April.

I get that BAC stands for blood alcohol concentration. Here’s the definition of the measurement: BAC is expressed as a percentage of alcohol in the blood. For example, someone who has a .10 BAC has 0.10% or one tenth of one percent of their total volume of blood, as alcohol. That may not seem like much, but even .10 BAC is a lot of alcohol for the body to absorb and it takes much less to be intoxicated.

From WTOL:

Authorities say the child had fallen ill and was taken to the hospital where doctors determined her blood alcohol level.

The child was admitted to the intensive care unit where she was treated and released under the supervision of Summit County Children Services.

Detectives say Reed endangered the baby by “allowing the child to ingest alcohol and that she attempted to obstruct investigators in the course of their investigation.”

Reed has been booked in the Summit County Jail.

Go back and read that BAC definition. That baby girl was absolutely ROCKED. I need that police report and I needed it yesterday. I need to know what Davonna put in that baby’s bottle. Baby girl had to be crushing grain alcohol to get to that level. 3 months! Davonna was not “allowing” anything. She had to be holding a bottle to that baby and having it drink the alcohol.

Ohio woman arrested for drunk baby
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