Maryland Woman Beats Vodka Sam’s .341 With An Impressive .372 BAC!

via Carroll County Central Booking

Savannah Asper, a Maryland Woman, put herself into a rare category of drinkers over the weekend when she managed to get so hammered that she blew an off-the-charts .372 BAC, which is higher than one of the legends of drinking, Iowa fan Vodka Sam who blew a .341 after things got wild at a 2013 Hawkeyes football game. Vodka Sam went on to have a few days of viral success before fading off into Internet lore.

Now comes Ms. Asper and her crazy .372 — she claims she had only two shots. I know a veteran drinker when I see one. Those eyes tell me everything, Savannah.

From the Carroll County Times:

Savannah Noel Asper, 24, of the 20000 block of Gore Mill Road, was charged with 11 traffic violations, including impaired driving, reckless driving, negligent driving and failure to control vehicle speed on the highway to avoid a collision.

A field test showed Asper had a BAC of .372, according to the statement. Asper was arrested at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday, and her vehicle was towed, according to the statement.

The legal driving limit in Maryland is .04 for a DWI and .08 for a DUI. A level of .35 to .40 is considered potentially fatal, according to American Addiction Centers, Inc.

According to Savannah’s locked Instagram account, “be happy — life is too short 😛.”

There she is….Vodka Sam!

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