Domata Peko’s Selling His Massive Kentucky House

It’s easy to forget that Domata Peko played 171 games over 11 years for the Bengals since it was the Bengals and Peko just went about his business as one of the most durable Bengals players in franchise history. I know, it’s not saying much, but Peko made 156 starts over those 11 years and lived in this massive mansion south of the Ohio River in Kentucky where he had plenty of room to spread out. Now it’s time to sell the six bedroom, six bath house that Zillow lists as a 13,000 sq. ft. home while Realtor has it at 6,200 sq. ft. It’s possible the lower level is being counted for some reason on Zillow. No matter the case, you’re getting a huge house for $1,950,000.

Peko paid $1,585,000 for this house back in 2008, so he’s looking at a decent profit here, not taking into account any money he poured in to make it just right for a 6-3, 325 pound defensive tackle.

From Peko’s realtor:

Updates done since purchase in 2008 New Roof, New BBQ Island with fringe pool side, New Pool Slide, New fire pit seating area facing golf course. New black fencing around property. whole house has been re-carpeted. House is equipped and set up for Smart Technology called Control 4. you can control from iPad or smart device the following–outdoor lights, TV’s, Security cameras also the front and garage door locks. They have the installers number so you can connect your devices.

One big disappointment from the listing is that Peko’s realtor doesn’t give us a look at the pool. The inside of the house looks like it’s straight out of 2008, but something tells me the pool area really shines with a new slide. I’d also recommend the realtor do some night photos and show us that outdoor lighting. These pics look like they were shot on a Sony point and shoot digital camera like I used to put in my pocket way back in 2008. Need to spice up this listing.

Mortgage: Zillow says you’re looking about $10,500/mo. before you get to the AC and heating bill. True, it won’t be a horrible winter in northern Kentucky, but it’s still going to be cold enough to run that furnace and that house is huge…factor it in.

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