Bama Fan Calls Frank Martin A ‘Coward’, Frank Tells Hunter To Come Get Some

This guy called Frank Martin a coward, Frank Martin told Hunter to come get some / via Twitter

You guys know I don’t dabble much in the world of college basketball this time of year, but when a Bama fan calls Frank Martin a “coward” and Frank catches wind of it and responds, we have ourselves a blog post. Bama fan Hunter really loves him some Bama basketball and here we are on the first weekend of November and Hunter’s digging into college basketball recruiting news. That’s how big of a loser Hunter is.

Anyway, Hunt throws out “coward” on Frank and Frank Martin, who was a nightclub bouncer back in his college days, invited Hunt to come get himself a taste of Frank Martin. From an ESPN profile on Martin’s bouncing background:

“When I chose to follow the path of bouncer, the reason for it, No. 1, it was good money,” Martin said. “No. 2, it fit my schedule. I was going to school during the day, coaching basketball late afternoon and then [I’d] go bounce at night. You slept in between wherever you can.”

Stefano’s was not some suburban spot with folks dressed in their Sunday best. There were gangsters at Stefano’s, men steeped in a lifestyle that demanded fisticuffs over conversation. Its former owner (the club is closed now) is Stefano Brandino, who was sent to prison in the late 1990s following a federal investigation for a money laundering scheme that also involved drugs. “There were times when people would want to wait for us after the club with knives and guns and things like that,” said Regueira, who is now a law-enforcement officer in Miami. “Luckily, those things never transpired into something more serious.”

And more from Frank when it comes to calling him a coward:

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