Michigan Woman Who Bit Off Her Friend’s Ear Allegedly Said ‘You’re gonna have to die today’

Michigan woman thinks she’s a wolf, bites off friend’s ear. Allison says it was consensual sex / via Oakland County Jail

Michigan Woman Allison Thompson Weaver claimed to police she was playing wolf and vampire with a female friend — and drinking, possibly some drugs involved — when things took a wild turn back in September and Weaver was found partially naked and bloody after biting off her friend’s ear and biting on her face. That’s right, a game of wolf and vampire (allegedly) got really weird and now Allison is in court where she had to face her old friend that had her ear ripped off.

Via ClickOnDetroit:

A Rochester Hills woman accused of biting off her friend’s ear and viciously biting her face hovered over the victim on all fours and told her, “Sorry, but you’re gonna have to die today” and claimed to police that she was playing a wolf and the victim was playing a vampire, according to the details that emerged in court.

Allison Thompson Weaver, 44, of Rochester Hills, and a 48-year-old woman were found partially nude and covered in blood at 1:23 a.m. Sept. 17 at the Lake Village Apartments on Norfolk Drive in Rochester Hills, police said.

The victim took the stand Tuesday to explain what happened when things got real weird:

“My whole neck was strangled,” the victim said. “I was on the floor. I could feel — I can still feel every single moment of it — the pain of it, losing consciousness, not being able to breathe, how badly it hurt everything, the bruising on it — that was there forever. My neck was so swollen my chin couldn’t meet my chest and I lost some kind of consciousness during this. Next thing I remember after her strangling me — I only remember a couple of things — I remember her strangling me. The next thing I remember is trying to get away and hearing her, as clear as day, with no reflection in her tone, just saying, ‘Sorry (name), but you’re gonna have to die today.’

“I just started screaming bloody murder and banging on the floor, (saying), ‘No, no, no. I can’t believe I’m going to die like this. Someone come and please help, help, help.'”​​​​​​​

The victim said in court there there was some vodka in play and that Weaver was pretty lit when she stopped over that night.

I’m not familiar with a wolf vs. vampire game, but then again I don’t usually drink (and possibly do drugs, key word ‘drugs’) with friends and get this kind of weird. There’s been some stupid stuff over the years but never seen or heard of people going to the level where they bite off a friend’s ear. Maybe a fistfight here and there amongst friends or taking a friends money at the poker table, but this is a whole new level when you’re talking body parts. And I’m a little shook by the fact that a 44-year-old woman is biting off an ear if it was just alcohol talking. Very strange.

There are freaks out there, but Allison has clearly taken it to a whole new level if she’s guilty of this crime. And just think of how her sex life changes now that people are going to google her name and find out things could get real weird. Her DMs are about to be lit AF.

Allison Weaver accused of biting off woman’s ear / via WDIV
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