Pennsylvania Woman Arrested For Stealing Over $600,000 From Her Employer To Help Pay For Daughters’ Weddings, Pay Bills

Mom allegedly steals over $600,000 to pay for her daughter’s weddings / via Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Imagine how Carol Snyder felt when it came time to pay for her daughters weddings — two weddings — and how to pay for it all during this era where it’s expected that the bride’s parents will just throw around a bunch of money for a party where everybody gets drunk, eats, leaves and goes on with their lives the next morning. Carol (allegedly) felt so obligated to blow a fortune that she (allegedly) started stealing money from her employer and now she’s on the hook for $617,000 in unauthorized charges.

Just think of risking it all so your girls can have a perfect wedding. Hard pass. You should’ve thought harder about this one Carol. No way it was worth going to jail over.

From CBS-3:

A Montgomery County woman is accused of stealing over $600,000 from her job and using some of that money to pay for her two daughters’ weddings. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that 58-year-old Carol Snyder, of Green Lane, was arrested and charged with theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and other related charges.

Authorities say Snyder, an office administrator at Hardy Machine, LLC, in Hatfield Township, stole $617,147 through 1,758 unauthorized and non-business-related purchases from 2012 through Aug. 9, 2019. The 20-year employee, who was the office administrator, was solely responsible for payroll, balancing the books and managing the company’s finances.

According to The Knot, the average wedding in 2018 cost $33,000 or so. That makes me wonder what kind of wedding Carol threw with all that cash. Since we’re talking about a seven year (alleged) spree, something tells me she was also living off some of these funds. Why do I get the feeling there might be a casino involved here? I just have a hunch.

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