McPherson College Offensive Lineman Eli Jordan Does A Pretty Good Chris Farley Impression

College football player Eli Jordan does his best Chris Farley impression of Matt Foley / via Instagram

McPherson College football player Eli Jordan’s impression of Chris Farley doing the Matt Foley down by the river bit for Halloween is turning into an Instagram sensation and is bound to turn Jordan into a bigger star than college football could ever do for this 350-pound freshman offensive lineman. Jordan has been in college like two months and he already has his One Shining Moment in the books and it’s all thanks to this 20-second clip where the college kid channels a character that debuted in 1993 and last appeared in October 1997 before Farley’s death in December of that year.

That’s right, Eli Jordan is throwing it way back to a comedy hero and connecting the Boomers who loved Farley, the Gen Xers who would take a bullet for Farley and the millennials who think Matt Foley is one of the funniest things ever. It’s great to see this:

And the great news is that if this blows up enough and Jordan is lucky enough to maybe get a trip to SNL to do his impression, the NCAA and NAIA can’t act like he got some extra benefit. The kid is clearly using his acting likeness and image here so this should be fine to get a trip out of NBC. Nobody start problems here. Let Jordan eat a little bit.

As for the McPherson College football team in McPherson, Kansas, it is 5-3 after starting the season with three straight losses. Now one of the offensive linemen is going to go viral and the city of 13,000 is going to have a comedy icon.

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