Josh Allen & Girlfriend Brittany Williams Go As Elvis & Priscilla For Halloween

Josh Allen and girlfriend Brittany Williams showed up to the Bills team Halloween party dressed as Elvis and Priscilla Presley as the team blew off some energy on a night off after a loss to the Eagles. Now 5-2 with a 74% probability of making the playoffs, it’s a pretty good time to be on the Bills and having some fun, especially when the Redskins are coming to town this weekend and you’ll still get the Dolphins, Jets and Broncos, which should be just enough to get you into Wild Card Weekend.

Only disappointment that I can see from going through the Bills girlfriend accounts is that nobody got thrown through a table or went as a #BillsMafia table. Otherwise it looks like an ordinary team Halloween — the wives and girlfriends go balls to the walls, the guys play along because that’s what they’ve been trained to do and everyone does their thing. Only different is that the guys had to get up this morning and race each other to see which one would be the first one in, last one out.

Don’t look now, but Elvis Allen hasn’t thrown a pick since early October. The passer rating is up and the schedule lines up pretty good. Get ready for that massive game November 10 in Cleveland. Can’t wait for that content.

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams in Elvis & Priscilla Presley Halloween costumes / via Instagram Josh Allen and girlfriend Brittany Williams at Bills Halloween party / via Instagram Story

As for Rachel Bush and husband Jordan Poyer, of course they were at the Halloween party

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