Meet Frana Ugarkovic – Sacramento State Tennis Player

Going to make a prediction: Frana Ugarkovic, a Croatian tennis player at Sacramento State University, is going to leave college here in a couple years with well over 50k Instagram followers and she just might end up the very first college tennis player in California collegiate history to be legally paid for influencing work if California legislators get their act together and push that legislation Gavin Newsom promised on Bron’s barbershop show.

Let me just say that it’s a travesty that Frana is under 10k Instagram followers considering how much effort she’s put into her IG game. Maybe it’s because she’s playing tennis way out in Sacramento, but we’re talking a tennis player representing not only her homeland of Croatia, but also Bahrain where she played her high school tennis. Frana turned 20 in August and clearly has her eyes on a bigger IG following when she gets that Sac State business and finance diploma.

Frana’s Sac State 2018-19 bio:

Frana went 2-2 overall in her debut season with the Hornets, including 1-1 against Big Sky competition…Her first career win came on the road at Northern Colorado, winning in straight sets in the No. 6 position…all four of her matches were played at the No. 6 position and her second win came at home against UC Irvine, also in straight sets…Went 2-6 in doubles competition overall but was 2-2 againast Big Sky doubles opponents…won both her doubles matches with partner Shamika Dhar at No. 3, one at Montana and another at Montana State.

I’ll just say it — her Instagram game just might be better than her tennis game. I’ll say she’s over 20k followers by November 10 when the Sac State fall season finishes up. Then the floodgates really open up. I’m guessing a few brands want to chat, maybe get ready for when California gets its act passed to pay these players.

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