Johnny Manziel Now Owns COMEBACKSZN & COMEBACK$ZN Trademarks

Little known fact — Johnny Manziel, Antonio Brown and I seem to have the same attorney, Darren Heitner, representing us on random deals. AB had Darren representing him during his recent issues, I had Darren represent me on Internet deals and now it comes out that Johnny went out and hired Darren to secure trademarks for COMEBACKSZN & COMEBACK$ZN, which Johnny has been known to attach to clothing, especially when he was actually trying to make a comeback.

Now out of the NFL, CFL, the AAF and not included in the XFL draft, I’m not sure where and when Johnny is going to be using COMEBACKSZN, but he now has full rights to sell gear with that trademark and make his money without worry about punks trying to claim they own the term.

A quick search shows that there’s a landing page for where it appears a clothing brand is waiting to drop. One would have to think that John Football is preparing to go into the clothing business for John Football related gear. The thing is, at this point is there even a demand for John Football gear? That’s an excellent question that John Football seems to be ready to find out.

Right now you can get a Manziel No. 2 ComebackSzn hoodie from AggielandOutfitters on sale for $11.97, from a starting prize of $49.99. Uh, I’m not some retail genius, but that seems to be one helluva clearance sale right there.

Comebackszn website for Johnny Manziel clothing
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