Bills Fan Gets Razors Edge’d Through Flaming Table, Catches Fire

Bills fan gets Razors Edge’d through flaming table, catches fire / via Instagram

A Buffalo Bills fan was treated to a Razors Edge from his buddy during Sunday’s tailgating before the game against the Miami Dolphins and things went south when Bills fan slammed into the flaming table and then his jersey caught fire before the video shuts off. I assume Bills fan stopped, dropped & rolled before continuing on with a day of drinking, smashing tables and 31-21 win over the tanking Dolphins.

This isn’t the first time a guy caught on fire at a Dolphins-Bills tailgate. Dolphins fan caught fire last year while going all ECW on a table. And it’s not just Dolphins and Bills fans jumping into flaming tables. You might remember back in 2017 when Chiefs fan got shirtless, went Stone Cold on a couple of beers and then jumped through a flaming table. The tailgating fans know it’s going to be quite a scene when guys jump through flames, which makes these heroes all the more special to the tailgating world.

As for this years Bills fan and the Razors Edge, I did my Google News searches and I can’t seem to find any reports of a fan suffering serious burns so this guy should be all good. Don’t worry, these guys are professionals.

Here’s throwback Razor Ramon doing his Razors Edge finishing move:

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